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Organizational Culture

We want to grow together and move forward into a bigger world.

FacBros is a team that dream of a new world, and build and realize it.

We support creators to create and make scarce content.

With an infinitely expanding worldview, our team is also growing.

Horizontal Relationship

- Call by Nickname 

- Sharing all members voice

Work Flexibility

-Flexible change according to workload

Communicates Core Values Clearly

- Transparent data  sharing

-effective communication

Autonomous work environment

- Provide work environment where you can focus


We put our team members first.

Our team coordinate benefits and organizational culture together with team members.

We build an open corporate environment by leaving valuable things behind,

discarding things that aren't, and supplementing what we need.

Flexible Working Hour

Meal Allowence&

Per diem

Business Tool Reimbursment

Congratulations and Condolences Support

​Use Annual/ Half day leave Freely

Personal Development Support

How to Apply?

Please send your resume and portfolio

by E-mail or SNS DM.

E-mail :

twitter : @FacbrosG

Instagram : @facbros_gamestudio

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